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Tiyana Mathew
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Written by Lexi Dillon,
Edited by Lexi Dillon, March, 2021

👩‍💻 SheCodes Success Story


How Tiyana, age 12, has decided to pursue a future in technology thanks to the knowledge she’s gained in SheCodes

Tiyana graduated from SheCodes Basics in July 2020, SheCodes Plus in October 2020, and SheCodes React in December 2020. She is currently in SheCodes Responsive.

🙍‍♀️ Before SheCodes

Tiyana is one of our youngest ever SheCodes graduates. 🙌 She’s originally from Kerala, India and is currently living in Toronto, Canada with her family. She likes to spend her free time drawing, skateboarding, and now - coding 😍 

She first became interested in coding because she wanted to deepen her capabilities when it came to designing websites. She’s so bright and motivated!! 

“I used to make website designs for my friends for free without using code, but the tools were always very limited. Learning how to code websites really excited me because I would have full control of how my website looks and functions.”

👩‍💻 Her SheCodes Experience

Once Tiyana saw an ad for SheCodes on her sister’s Instagram, an interest sparked in her right away and she decided to check out the SheCodes website and participate in the basic coding workshop.  

“I saw the first SheCodes workshop and was interested so I wanted to try it out. My sister enrolled me and I had a lot of fun. I had learned a lot and really enjoyed the experience so I enrolled in the other workshops soon after.”

She quickly impressed the entire SheCodes team with her passion and motivation for learning how to code 😍She was our youngest student ever at the time that she joined our workshops. We’re glad that she chose SheCodes as her first ever coding workshop!

Tiyana said that what she enjoyed most about SheCodes were the community, the final projects she created, and being able to express her creativity through coding. 

“My favorite parts about the SheCodes workshops I completed were the people who I got to connect with and the projects. My experience learning with other girls around the world was wonderful. Since I was 11 when I started the workshops, it made me feel like I was in a safe learning environment. Everyone who I connected with was extremely kind and I got to speak to people who I wouldn't have had the chance to otherwise. The final projects were also very fun because they got to test my skills every time I learned something new. It also was an opportunity to use my creative side to design something to fit the assignments of the week.”
She also enjoyed the Slack communication and support she received to complete her coding work  🙌 💻

“The SheCodes team were super kind and the workshops were super simple to follow along with. If I ever failed to understand a lesson or project, I would have Slack groups filled with women to support me in my learning experience. If I ever had an issue too extreme, I could always confide in Joao to assist me. Trying to learn coding by myself would have seemed near impossible but learning in a community like this made it so much easier for me to understand.”

Check out some of Tiyana’s projects here 👇

🙋 How SheCodes has Helped to Change Her Life

After going through SheCodes, Tiyana has decided that she’d like to pursue a career in technology down the road 🤩 This couldn’t make us any happier!! 

“SheCodes is an amazing course which I would highly recommend taking. I told all my friends about the experience and how much I learned. I view SheCodes as a huge step to bridging the gender gap in the coding industry. It has inspired me so much to have a future in computer science.”

Before finding SheCodes, Tiyana thought that learning how to code was a bit out of her reach, but we’re glad she took a chance to learn online with SheCodes to gain some new skills 😄 We agree that anyone can learn anything they put their mind towards 🙌 

“I am only 12 years old, but SheCodes has made a career in the tech field seem much more interesting and exciting. SheCodes was the first online course I had ever completed, and doing so, made learning new skills like coding seem very possible. This experience taught me that you can learn just about anything you put your mind towards.”

We can’t wait to see what’s in store in Tiyana’s coding future! We hope that she achieves her goal of working in tech and continues to deepen her development knowledge.

“I would like to keep learning about web development and whenever possible, teach others about what I have learned. And when I am older, I would also like to pursue a career in the tech industry.” 

👩‍💼 Advice to Future SheCodes Students

Tiyana says that she thinks it’s never too early or late to gain some coding knowledge, and we would have to agree. 

“It's never too early or late to enroll in a SheCodes workshop as it's set up very well and is great for beginners.”

Tiyana’s SheCodes Workshop Testimonial
“I am only 11 years old and Matt really helped me understand coding. I would highly recommend this. If I didn't understand something, someone would try helping me right away. SheCodes really helped me learn, would highly recommend.”

Tiyana’s SheCodes Plus Testimonial
“Hello there! I am Tiyana Mathew, I am 11 years old and I would HIGHLY recommend SheCodes. It is a very useful class, and you will always have someone online to help you out! Joao, Matt and Lexi were all very helpful. This class is inspiring me to have a job in website developing when I am older.”

Tiyana’s SheCodes React Testimonial
“I would HIGHLY recommend SheCodes. It has inspired me to want a future in web development. I am 11 years old and I tell all my friends to try taking this workshop.”

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