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Freshta Farahmand

🇦🇫 Afghan living in Kabul, 🇦🇫 Afghanistan
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Freshta's Story As a bachelor of computer science, my love for technology has driven my academic journey. Despite facing economic constraints and work obligations that hindered my pursuit of coding professionally, my passion for innovation and problem-solving has fueled my desire to delve deeper into coding. Beyond financial limitations, I'm eager to learn coding professionally for several reasons. Firstly, coding is central to modern technological advancement, offering endless opportunities for creativity and innovation. Mastering coding skills will enable me to contribute meaningfully to this evolving landscape. Furthermore, coding's versatility across industries—from software development to data analysis—opens doors to diverse career paths. By honing my coding skills, I aim to broaden my career prospects and foster personal and professional growth. Moreover, the intrinsic satisfaction of coding cannot be overstated. The ability to turn abstract ideas into tangible solutions through lines of code is both empowering and fulfilling. Each programming challenge presents an opportunity for intellectual stimulation and creative expression. Despite challenges, my determination to learn coding remains unwavering. It's not just about acquiring skills, but about self-empowerment, career advancement, and realizing my potential in the dynamic world of technology.

🙋‍♀️ Freshta's Motivation

The SheCodes program shines as a beacon of hope for Afghan women amidst challenging circumstances. Before the Taliban's rise to power, I led a typical life, balancing work and studies like everyone else. However, in the two years following their takeover, I endured a loss of rights and confinement to my home. Coding offers a global job market where individuals can collaborate and work remotely from anywhere. Enrolling in the SheCodes program allowed me to learn to code, advance my career, gain independence, and support my family. Despite the obstacles I encountered, it served as a significant chance for personal growth and success.

🤹‍♀️ Freshta's Hobbies

Reading: I enjoy immersing myself in various genres of literature, from fiction to non-fiction, to expand my knowledge and imagination. Cooking: Experimenting with different recipes and flavors in the kitchen is a creative outlet for me, and I find joy in preparing meals for myself and loved ones. Hiking and Nature Walks: Spending time outdoors, exploring nature trails, and soaking in the beauty of the natural world is both refreshing and rejuvenating. Watching Movies: I love immersing myself in the world of cinema, exploring diverse genres ranging from action-packed thrillers to heartwarming dramas and thought-provoking documentaries. Photography: Capturing moments and scenes that catch my eye through photography allows me to express my creativity and document memories. Gardening: Tending to plants, nurturing a garden, and watching flowers bloom or vegetables grow brings a sense of fulfillment and connection to the earth. Traveling: Exploring new destinations, experiencing different cultures, and meeting people from diverse backgrounds enriches my life and broadens my perspective. Exercise and Fitness: Engaging in physical activities such as jogging, yoga, or weightlifting not only keeps me healthy but also clears my mind and boosts my mood. Volunteering: Giving back to my community through volunteer work or participating in charitable activities allows me to make a positive impact and contribute to causes I care about


Freshta's coding training

Freshta has gained access to SheCodes Plus for at no cost. It’s a 4 month coding training that’ll take her from a beginner to a professional.

She'll learn popular technologies, from HTML, CSS, JavaScript and development tools. She'll also get to build her own online portfolio to showcase to potential employers!

📦 SheCodes Plus includes all of our workshops:
1. Basics Coding Workshop (3 weeks)
2. Basics Add-on (1 week)
3. Plus Coding Workshop (8 weeks)
4. Plus Add-on (2 weeks)
She’ll gain access to each portion after finishing the preceding portion. She’ll build up her coding knowledge gradually along the way. 🙌

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Women currently hold 25% of coding jobs and earn 30% less money than men. In most developing countries, more than 65% of women don't have bank accounts and cannot afford to invest in their education.

SheCodes is here to help provide women in developing countries with the opportunity to learn how to code for free. SheCodes offers a solid introduction to product development, product design and product management.


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