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Prakriti Lama

🇳🇵 Nepalese living in Lalbandi, Sarlahi , 🇳🇵 Nepal
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Prakriti 's Story Since I grew up in Lalbandi, our school wasn’t well equipped, and the Nepalese curriculum was theoretically based, and students would get access to practical computer class once a week for about 45 minutes. My school provided only limited opportunities for practical computer classes which is very relevant in schools of villages across Nepal, and the one class we did have was irregular and infrequent. This lack of access made it challenging for me to fully grasp my interest in coding and programming without the proper resources. Moreover, it wasn't until grades 9 and 10 that I was finally introduced to the computer subject either it was an optional subject in my prior school. At first, I struggled to understand the basics of code and programming and it was very overwhelming to grasp the content without having no prior foundation, After months of determination to learn in coding in school, I found myself fascinated by the challenges and possibilities of coding and programming skills. I loved how it allowed me to experiment, unleash my problem-solving skills, and unlock my creativity. However since I joined the biology group for my +2 in Nepal, computer subject was no longer a requirement in my curriculum. Eventually, computers and coding became the distant thing. Despite this setback, I continued to be intrigued by the potential for innovation and growth that coding skills could offer. Now, during my gap year, I am eager to reignite my passion for coding and learn more in order to pursue new opportunities in the field.

🙋‍♀️ Prakriti 's Motivation

As a promising and assiduous young woman, I am confident that coding skills would equip me to pursue my aspirations in today’s rapidly-evolving tech world. With my unwavering passion and dedication to continuous learning, I am excited about the opportunity She Codes classes will bring to my critical thinking and problem-solving skills and coding experience. I believe access to coding will be invaluable learning in unleashing my potential through a myriad of opportunities and shaping my future pursuits While I am cognizant of the fact that coding for beginners may be fraught with challenges, I am poised to transcend those to opportunities for continuous learning and growth of my caliber as I acknowledge its significance. I am poised to learn, and acquire coding skills and techniques. My motivation for learning how to code with She Codes is grounded in a desire to learn and one day contribute to the advancement of women in tech, and an understanding of the programming challenges. It would be a gratifying experience to contribute to the movement that endeavors to break down these barriers and advance the cause of gender equity in tech through the skills and prowess that I learn from this incredible coding program.

🤹‍♀️ Prakriti 's Hobbies

My hobbies include reading books voraciously, especially biographies to get inspired, and also unleashing my thoughts with creative writing. Also, I am an avid cricket and football fan, I enjoy watching and playing these two sports. I also love exploring new stuff which i find intriguing to expand my horizon of knowledge.


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