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Saba Al Sadr

🇱🇧 Lebanese living in Dohat El Hoss, Aramoun, 🇱🇧 Lebanon
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Saba's Story I've been interested in computer programming ever since I started needing to use simple softwares like excel to project finances for a humanitarian income-generating NGO project I used to manage. This was done in coordination with financial officers. I also took interest in web development as I am trying to develop my own online hub for refugee and impoverished artisans that have gone through cycles of training with little promise of employability due to lack of marketing and resources. As my mission is to give coherent tools to women who wish to manage their own micro-businesses, it made the most sense that I provide assistance where it helps them the most, and that is primarily in planning beyond their demand, such as financial projections that determine when they can prioritize purchasing supplies and restocking their inventories before paying rent. I believe that this assistance should be made easy and available to the most marginalized members of our community, or at least brought to them by someone who can attain those skills on their behalf and have access to the internet in the event that they can't. As I am one person, assisting women will be something I do on the side while I find a more permanent job in coding.

🙋‍♀️ Saba's Motivation

The field of work I have been in has depleted in demand, and given little financial resources to cover basic needs and my elderly parents' needs, I am investing in my education to help expand my career options.

🤹‍♀️ Saba's Hobbies

I generally help or volunteer in grassroots collectives providing alternative services and creative projects for marginalized communities, such as daycare services for working migrant mothers and artisanal/crafts workshops for refugee mothers and young women. Seriously, I do the above for fun. It brings me so much joy seeing others thrive.


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Women currently hold 25% of coding jobs and earn 30% less money than men. In most developing countries, more than 65% of women don't have bank accounts and cannot afford to invest in their education. Female refugees also don’t have many opportunities to invest in their education and improve their career horizon - they often work in unskilled, undervalued, and low-paid informal sectors.

SheCodes is here to help provide women in developing countries and women who are refugees with the opportunity to learn how to code for free. SheCodes offers a solid introduction to product development, product design and product management.


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